Thursday, July 17, 2014

3/52 { This Expat Life }

the Garden running in the garden in the Garden daughter & mommy University of Glasgow University of Glasgow University of Glasgow Harry Potter DVD set J and her blocks
We've spent pretty much everyday in the Garden.  Most of the days have been luckily sunny and I worry that I won't get enough sun in the winter so we are soaking it up now.  We both seem so much calmer after we spend some time near nature.  

We had a mopey weekend minus my lovely Mister.  Luckily with skype we could easily speak to each other.  We also sent pictures via email and another internet based texting app.  Technology is truly amazing like that, isn't it?  I can't imagine waiting months for a letter to arrive from our loved ones if they were over seas.  

{ 1. The Garden | 2. Always so fast | 3. Soy Latte from The Hyndland Fox (so so so good) | 4. Mommy & Daughter silliness | 5, 6, 7. University of Glasgow Main Building | 8. Harry Potter Hogwart's Collection (my mister purchased this for me :) | 9. Playing with her wooden blocks from Grandma M & Grandpa K posted on the first birthday gift guide }

Monday, July 14, 2014

Museuming { Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum }

Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum
{ 1, 2. Floating Heads by Sophie Cave | 3. Taxidermy animals | 4, 5, 6. How Glasgow Flourished exhibition | 7. Regina Cordium-Alexa Wilding by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1866, oil on canvas | 8. loving yellow walls with wonderful paintings | 9. This case plays multiple instruments but I forgot to write down more information about it | 10. Christ Driving the Traders from the Temple (late 16th century. Imitator of Hieronymus Bosch. Oil on Panel). | 11. John Fulton's Orrery }

This is our second museum in Glasgow and it was really great.  I've read that it's the most visited museum in the UK outside of London.  It's nice that it's free and open to anyone.  I always feel that museums should be accessed by anyone and everyone.  Some of the exhibition space had kids play areas like tunnels under the Taxidermy, which helps when you want to bring your children to the museum.  

I'm in love with the Regina Cordium-Alexa by Dante Gabriel Rossetti.  It was apparently commissioned by Trist of Brighton for 170£ + unknown quantity of champagne.  

Sunday, July 13, 2014

People I wish my daughter could have met

Grandpa Gene & Grandma Mary Grandpa Gene & Grandma Mary Grandma Wynelle and Granpa Ray Wynelle and Ray (my grandparents)
I feel incredibly lucky to have had such strong wonderful grandparents.  I wish that our daughter could have met them.  They all astounded me with their all encompassing love and I treasure the moments I spent with them.  My sadness comes from the concept that my daughter will never meet them.  These beautiful people that filled my life with all sorts of collective emotions.  I can only hope that I pass on those feelings expressed by my grandparents of being valued and treasured to my daughter.  Also, the importance of honesty, kindness, simplicity and the value of family.  

The wonderful part is that she does have wonderful grandparents herself.  They love her in ways I remember my grandparents loving me.  That although she will not meet the grandparents I knew growing up she has her own.  

{ 1, 2. my mom's parents (Mary & Gene) | 3,4. my dad's parents (Wynelle & Ray) }

Thursday, July 10, 2014

2/52 {{{ This Expat Life }}}

Secret GardenJ at the Fox Novar Playpark toothbrush soy latte building blocks University of Glasgow tofu vermicelli 2014-07-08 06.00.57 1
I'm really trying to include more pictures of Glasgow in my blog.  It's a very lovely city and I think I get carried away with just being here.  Hope your week has been going well :)

{ 1. Private shared garden with residents in our area | 2. Breakfast at The Fox Hyndland | 3. Playground with the epic slide | 4. loves her toothbrush--although I think she just likes to chew on it | 5. soy latte at The Fox Hyndland | 6. building with her blocks from Grandma M and Grandpa K | 7. University of Glasgow-another of their beautiful buildings | 8. Tofu Vermicelli (the fish sauce was saltier than I'm used to) | 9. Mommy & Daughter party }

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Handprint pendant {{{ Petite Precious Print Charm }}}

Petite Precious Prints Petite Precious Prints Petite Precious Prints
I won a lovely giveaway on Wild & Grizzly for a Petite Precious Prints handprint charm.   They send you a piece of inkless paper to retrieve your child's handprint or footprint.  The prepaid envelope is sent back to them and they make a beautiful charm for you.  They have different shapes and sizes but I love the simple oval shape.  On the back they inscribe your child's name and their birthdate.  It's very solid and beautiful.  I defintely recommend them but I wish they had a easier way to order online.  

Here is there email to get in touch with them: