Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Teruko and Garret's wedding

Teruko's wedding Teruko's wedding Teruko's wedding Teruko's wedding Teruko's wedding Teruko's wedding Teruko's wedding IMG_9787 Sadly I didn't catch a photo of Teruko and Garret together. Here they are at my wedding in 2012 just so you know what Garret looks like :)  Aren't they a super attractive couple?  I adore both of them and think they are perfect for eachother!  The wedding was held in Memory Garden in Monterey, California.  I've never been to California and it was a very nice short stay.  Traveling with a wee one isn't conducive to getting to explore a new place though.  It was really wonderful to see old friends and also see the lovely Teruko and Garret get hitched, which is a huge blessing to me.  Alot of her (our) artists friends came together and made all sorts of lovely things for the wedding.

PS: The flower arrangements were done by Bonnie Gammill (an amazing artist).  That is Teruko and her mom in the photo above.  I just couldn't help catching a moment of mom and daughter love.  The two little girls are Tamiko's (Teruko's sister) children-aren't they absolutely beautiful?  And the last photo of Josephine is a very "I'm sick of being held mommy" in the sandy dirt picture.  And I'm not weird about my daughter playing in the dirt at all...I think it's so satisfying to watch her get to experience what nature has to offer.  She ran her hands through the sand and smiled with glee.  The last are items from the wedding (program, sake cup that Teruko handmade for the toast and magnet ceramic heart made by Christi that were displayed on the tables.  Such a lovely handmade wedding.  I'm so glad I got to attend.

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